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Da: The Brain Stimulator Method

To effectively shift energy from the cerebral cortex (basically the grey brain matter) to the medulla oblongata (the base of the brain just above your spine) you should work certain points that we will discuss in a bit. The cerebrum (cerebral cortex) hosts most of our conscious movements and activities, while the medulla is the center of our ANS-the autonomic nervous system. It is also houses the link to our intuitive sensitivities. Within this area of the body is a special energy gate that allows the flow of spiritual energy.

Now let's look at the stimulation points where you will apply the acupressure. The Bladder Meridians, or bladder energy pathways have points known as BL9 or Yuzhen. These points are found on either side of the occipital bone. The bone found at the back and the base of your skull. Then you place your fingers on the back of your head, typically you find a slight dent where the proper point is located and if you draw an imaginary line around your head at the top of your ears, you will be in about the proper place.
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Da: Walatra Bersih Wanita
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Da: Cream penghilang flek hitam tebal
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Da: Obat Herbal Polimenorea Ampuh Tanpa Efek Samping
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